What does Rocket Car Shop stand for and what is our mission:

Let's be honest, nobody likes to get into a unkempt and dirty car. Thorough car care is essential for every car lover, because it gives us a special feeling when we stand in front of our car after washing and caring for it and see the paint shine.

But for perfect car care, we also need the right tools and products. With today's mass of products on offer, it's easy to lose track, many products are overpriced and you'll be looking in vain for inexpensive care sets.

 At Rocket Car Shop, we believe that car care doesn't have to be expensive!

++ This is exactly our mission! ++

That's why we offer you an unbeatable price-performance offer with our power all-in-one car care sets with selected products that have convinced us the most. We have the right care set for every car lover, whether beginner or professional. With the care sets from Rocket Car Shop, your car will always be in top condition!