Oft vernachlässigt: Autoinnenraum richtig reinigen

Often neglected: cleaning the car interior properly

Jun 08, 2022

After washing the body, many motorists stop cleaning and caring for their car. But what about the interior? One or the other driver neglects it - much to the detriment of the overall appearance, according to the motto: outside hui, inside ugh! A thick layer of dust, a greasy display, stains on the seats and dirty floor mats. This not only makes your interior look ugly, but also provides a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

An interior cleaning is therefore essential, whether for you or for resale. The one thing you have to realize is that potential buyers will pay particular attention to the interior. The interior reveals how the car was handled.

Those who clean their interior regularly need to spend less time and effort overall.

Do not put off cleaning the interior of your car any longer!

We'll show you how to make your interior shine like new in 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Remove dirt from floor mats

Start with the worst. Whether on light or black floors: crumbs, gravel and road dirt immediately catch the eye. Floor mats are one of the hardest-wearing areas of your car's interior, so cleaning them is essential.

Take out the floor mats and simply knock off large dirt particles. Then you can remove stubborn dirt with a floor mat brush brush out. The advantage of a mat brush is that its dense & robust nylon bristles penetrate the fibers of the mat and thus thoroughly remove all dirt. For stubborn dirt, grab one posterreiniger or all-purpose cleaner. Simply spray on, work in with the mat brush and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Clean upholstery or leather seats

Seat stains are usually the first thing you see when you get in the car. Car seats are subject to heavy wear and therefore quickly become dirty. If you don't pay attention for a moment, spilled drinks or greasy meals end up on the seats.

Upholstered or Alcantara seats

If you have upholstered or Alcantara seats, you can use a special one upholstery cleaner for car seats. It removes unpleasant odors, leaves a fresh aroma and refreshes the colors of the seats. How do you use it? Slightly dampen the stained area before spraying on the upholstery cleaner. Then rub the product in with a moistened microfiber cloth or pad and let it work. You can then simply wipe off the loosened dirt with the clean and damp microfibre cloth.  

By the way: You can also use the textile cleaner to work on the headlining or the floor mats. It is best to cover the seats with a towel before cleaning the headliner so that the cleaner does not drip onto the seats. 

If it has to be done quickly and the stain is only superficial, you can too upholstery cleaning wipes to grab. You don't need water for this, do you microfiber cloth. Simply wipe it over the soiled upholstery in a circular motion.

How do I clean Alcantara seats and steering wheel?

Alcantara Polster Sitze reinigen

Please make sure that Alcantara seats are cleaned like upholstered seats and not leather seats. Alcantara is not a type of leather, but a microfiber material. Since Alcantara is not covered with various protective layers, it needs more intensive care. Alcantara fades faster and is much more sensitive to wrinkling than smooth leather. For Alcantara seats you can use that Upholstery and Alcantara cleaner to use. The following applies to the steering wheel: spray Alcantara cleaner onto a sponge and dab the steering wheel with it.

leather seats

For leather seats, we recommend a leather cleaner that cares at the same time. Since leather is a natural product, it needs intensive care. Leather seats get dirty quickly and are susceptible to stains from clothing (e.g. jeans). Especially on the left side bolster of the driver's seat, heavy wear and tear can quickly appear due to the constant getting in and out. A special one Leather cleaner simultaneously cleans and protects against dirt, moisture, cracking and UV rays. When using it, it is important to ensure that you work in one direction from seam to seam. After cleaning, the seats must dry with good ventilation.

Step 3: Clean mirrors and interior windows

For a clear and glare-free view, the inside of your windshield, the rear window and also the rear-view mirror require thorough cleaning. For streak-free windows use one Glasreiniger and a microfiber cloth at hand. He removes Lubricating films and nicotine residues from the inner panes and mirrors. In addition vthe glass cleaner prevents streaks and deposits caused by plastic vapors.

Our tip: It is best to clean the windshield from the front passenger seat, because experience has shown that this is where you have the most freedom of movement. Or grab one Window cleaner telescopic. You can even clean hard-to-reach areas from the driver's seat - without any contortions.

Step 4: plastic care

Plastic surfaces in car interiors fade over time due to exposure to sunlight and material wear. The interior often looks unkempt and old. The right care ensures that your car retains its value over the long term, as it protects all plastic parts from premature aging, e.g. from embrittlement, drying out, cracking and fading.

You can remove the plastic parts in your car with a Interior cleaner get clean without streaks. After spraying onto the surfaces, wipe off evenly with a microfiber cloth. In the case of stubborn dirt, spray the affected area locally with a large amount of the agent and leave to take effect for a few minutes. the Interior cleaner reliably prevents electrostatic charges, has a dust-repellent effect and protects against re-contamination.

Our tip: Our Interior Cleaner Set with fresh kick, is also suitable for wood, rubber parts, screens, touch screens, panes and seats.

Cockpitpflege Tücher
For a quick cleaning in between, you can also use cockpit cleaning cloths. These not only remove dirt, but also protect all plastic, chrome and wooden surfaces from fading and cracking in the long term. You decide which finish you want for your cockpit: matt or glossy.

Step 5: detail work

You can use a Detailing brush ran. This allows you to get to all areas that you cannot reach with a sponge, wash mitt or microfiber cloth. The brushes can be used "dry" but also in conjunction with appropriate interior cleaners. When used without cleaning agents, the dirt is simply "dusted off".

the Detailing Pinsel can also be associated with that Interior cleaner be used. The interior cleaner is sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned and then the area is treated with the brush.

Lüftung Auto Detailing Pinsel

Step 6: Disinfect air conditioning in 10 minutes

One area that is very often neglected, but where bacteria, fungi & germs settle and multiply is the air conditioning. Because on the surface of the evaporator of the air conditioning system, which ensures that the air in the vehicle cools down, condensation forms. Condensed water mixes with dust and dirt over time. An ideal breeding ground for infectious germs and microorganisms then forms in the ventilation system. The harmful air then enters the interior of the car and our respiratory tract through the ventilation nozzles.

That's why you should clean your air conditioner at least once a year with a Air Conditioning Sanitizer treat. The running ventilation distributes the spray mist in the ventilation ducts and carries it to the evaporator of the air conditioning system. Highly effective surfactants clean the evaporator by loosening the film of dirt and allowing it to drip off with the condensed water. They attack the odor problem at the source. It not only kills the harmful microorganisms in the evaporator, but also ensures fresh and clean air in the car.


Pro tip: We've created a box that brings together all the essential interior care products.

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