Winter Autowäsche Autopflege Tipps autopflege im Winter Wie schütze ich mein Auto im Winter richtige Fahrzeugpflege eiskratzer entfroster enteiser beschlagen vereist zugefroren frostschutz für pkw beschlagene Scheiben

How do I protect my car in winter? 5 tips and tricks

Dec 20, 2021

Winter Autowäsche eiskratzer entfroster enteiser beschlagen vereist zugefroren frostschutz

5 tips for a carefree ride through the winter that you've definitely never heard before!

The engine starts only reluctantly, the windows are fogged up or iced over, the paintwork is covered with mud and road salt... The cold season really takes a toll on our beloved car. The good news: you have control over how well your car gets through the cold season.

Car care isn't just for the summer. On the contrary, because winter is particularly hard on your beloved car. Even if it's not the most comfortable time of the year and washing your car in snow and rain seems pointless at first glance. After just a few kilometers on the road covered with slush and salt, your car will be dirty again. But is that why you no longer wash your car in winter? That's a big mistake! Our car is helplessly at the mercy of winter without care and protection.

1. What to do with iced windows?

Winter Autowäsche eiskratzer entfroster enteiser beschlagen vereist zugefroren frostschutz

Scraping Ice: One of the most annoying things to do after a cold winter night. Your hands freeze and it's difficult to get ahead. We'll tell you how to get your discs free again in seconds.

The fastest, most convenient and gentlest way to remove ice from your windows is a Scheibenentfroster. You simply spray the agent on and the ice dissolves from your windows, mirrors and headlights. To remove the defrosted ice, you can use an ice scraper glove with a water-repellent nylon surface. This allows you to push the melted mass off the panes without pressure and protects your hands from wet and cold. Tip: The de-icer spray can also be used on a frozen car lock, on the side mirrors or on the rear window. The window de-icer not only melts the ice, but also prevents the windows from re-icing.

Tip: So that the pane doesn't ice up quite so quickly, it helps to do it regularly Window cleaning and sealing.

windscreen antifreeze ensures that the windshield wiper water in the windshield wiper system does not freeze, even at extreme temperatures down to -60°C. It is gentle on paintwork, rubber and plastic.

2. This will keep your door seals from freezing

gummidichtungen winter frost eis vereist

Has this ever happened to you: You want to get into your car in the morning but the doors are frozen and difficult to open?

But how did that happen? When water accumulates in the area of the door and trunk seals and temperatures drop below 0, the accumulated water freezes into ice. The door seal connects to the seal of the frame and can no longer be opened. If you now try to open the doors by force, a tear in the rubber is inevitable.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, we recommend cleaning the rubber bands regularly with a special rubber care products to treat. A rubber care stick prevents the rubber from becoming porous. Before use, you should clean the seals with a microfiber cloth. Then go over the rubber seals on the trunk, doors and hood several times with the rubber conditioner.

It is important not only to care for the rubbers in winter, but all year round. This keeps the rubber supple. A refresher is needed when you press on the rubbers with your fingertips and you feel the rubber appear hard or brittle.

3. Apply paint protection

Winter Autowäsche eiskratzer entfroster enteiser beschlagen vereist zugefroren frostschutz

Wet, cold and road salt are a harmful mixture for your car and massively attack the paintwork. Traces of salt and residues of grit should be removed from the paintwork as quickly as possible before they cause damage. If the salt crystals get wet, they develop a caustic property that can damage your paintwork.

After a thorough car wash, you should have a Versiegelung Instruct. This protects your car paint from the weather. Spread the seal with a microfiber cloth and let the car dry for a few hours. The wax layer has a water and dirt-repellent effect, so that salt and dirt do not stick to the bodywork as easily. You can still see the beading effect after three severe winter months.

4. The wiper trick!

scheibenwischer scheibenversiegelung autoscheiben winter

Not turning on the wipers while driving on a country road or highway in the rain would be crazy! The water droplets falling on the windshield obscure our view - until we turn on the wipers. We've been doing it since we learned to drive. 

But how would it be if the rain rolled off immediately and you didn't even need the wipers?! The solution: window sealing! A windshield sealant replaces the windshield wiper, so it becomes them too invisible wiper called. The water-repellent effect ensures that drops of water roll off the pane at speeds of 65 km/h and above. 

This not only extends the service life of your windscreen wipers, but also gets you to your destination safely in any bad weather. The seal also makes it harder for dirt and ice to stick to the panes. The window sealant can be used on all windows - (passenger) driver, rear and windshield. This guarantees a good all-round view on every journey. 

5. No more fogged windows!

antibeschlag antifog scheiben

One of the main causes of accidents during the cold season is limited visibility. Misted windows not only increase the risk of accidents, but are also extremely annoying.

But why do the windows fog up from the inside? Cold air can hold less moisture. Because the windows are cold, the moisture in the air condenses and the car windows fog up from the inside.

What helps immediately:

  1. Open the windows a little so that the humidity can escape
  2. Switch on ventilation/air conditioning
  3. anti-fog sponge 

We recommend one as a long-term solution Antibeschlagspray to use. An anti-fog spray prevents the moisture you exhale from sticking to the inside of your car. With this you ensure an all-round clear view throughout the cold season. Another trick is window deicer spray onto a microfiber cloth and rub the inside of the panes with it. 

winterbox winterpflege autopflege allinone set auto waschen enteiser frost eiskratzer

The full winter package: Rocket Winter Box 

So that you and your car get through the winter safely, we have the 12-part Rocket Winter Box created. With products for thawing and removing ice and snow, sealing paintwork, protecting against fogged windows, caring for rubber seals and cleaning windows.

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